About ME

Johana vala is a French award-winning filmmaker and model based in Boston, Massachusetts

As a director, her short film ‘Momentum’ won a 2020 Remi Award (Houston WorldFest) and was selected by a number of festivals including Montréal Independent Film Festival, Paris Lift-Off Film Festival, the Los Angeles Independent Short Film Festival (finalist) and IndieX Film Fest (semi-finalist).


Elucid magazine

An early love of fashion and cinema propelled the talented Johana Vala to success in multiple endeavors. She began her public life as a Caribbean fashion brand model in 2014 and continued on various runways for three years until she signed with major modeling agencies in New York, Boston, and Canada.

Vents Magazine

No matter which of her interests she focused on at the time, Johana Vala brings an amazing sense of creativity and style to every project. Looking back on the diverse range of unique endeavors she brought to the world reveals a woman with amazing talent and dedication to her craft.



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